IRO - Andy Ventress

After being on the National Council for two years as Region 15 National Councilor I was very pleased and honoured when I was voted onto the board as IRO for the association at the AGM in Torquay. I would like to thank the region for all their hospitality and support over those the two years.

I look forward to the challenges that this role will bring, I plan to attend events to represent GB&I across the world and hope that I will see many of you there too. If you are interested in any international events then you can find more information on the International website or email me. While I am in the post, I would like to encourage members to experience the great fellowship that our association can bring to you when travelling abroad.

If your club is interested in travelling to or twining with international clubs and require contacts, then get in touch and I will help as much as possible.

We have this year joined the Young Ambassadors Programme and are sending 3 young people to South Africa/India to experience life in those countries. Next year we will be receiving youngsters from other countries to GB&I to give them an experience to be remembered. I will be seeking assistance from members around the country to help with this programme. There will be further details of how your family could become involved in the 41 Club magazine shortly.